Year End Update and 2015 Food Pack

Every year since 2011, we have sent over 130,000 meals, or about 20,000 pounds of food, to hungry kids in Marmalade Haiti. For 2015 we are setting a new goal of over 150,000 meals. 150,000 meals mean 150,000 times next year a child in Haiti who arrives at our school very hungry will get a hot meal for lunch. We also feed some orphans and widows that live near the school.


We need $50,000 to buy, ship and deliver these meals to our kids in Haiti. Please donate if you can.

As this year comes to a close, I am somewhat overwhelmed by how God has blessed our work for His Kingdom this year. It happened because of all of you. Your amazing generosity encourages us to keep seeking more impactful and effective ways to change the lives of kids living in the most desperately poor country in the Western Hemisphere.

Malnutrition is responsible for about 60% of all deaths in people under 18 years old in Haiti.  In a country of slightly over 9 million people (think New York metro area), over 350,000 children die annually from malnutrition. That is, 44 die each hour from malnutrition. Can you imagine the outcry if that many kids were dying each year in a developed country? One of every two children under the age of five years old in Haiti is malnourished. These terrible statistics come from UNICEF and the Children’s Hunger Relief Fund. This is the battle you are fighting with us!

In the last 4 years, you have sent over 500,000 nutritious meals and fed hungry students and orphans in north Haiti. This is an impressive goal, unless you reflect on the facts set out above.  We must and we can do more in 2015.

Seacoast Mobile Food Pack is on May 30, 2015. Please put the event on your calendar, as we will need over 500 volunteers to pack a record number of meals.

May you have a wonderful Christmas and healthy New Year.

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