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Haiti Day 1: The Great Debrief

Jim Willey, Help for Haiti founder and president, and members of our team traveled to Cap Haïtien today, October 17, to assess damage from Hurricane Matthew, to allocate resources to those in immediate need and to engage in our ongoing initiatives to feed, educate and employ communities in the northern parts of the country. We will serve in Cap Haïtien predominantly, as the roads to

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How to Save a Life: Ruminations on the 2016 Annual Mobile Foodpack

“I want to share with you a story, about a boy named Pierre.” This is how each of Feed My Starving Children’s (FMSC) food packing specialists closed each packing session at Saturday’s Mobile Pack event in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The FMSC workers held up a photo of a gaunt, spiritless little child. Pierre was a small Haitian boy who, at

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