Student Spotlight: Meet Sisters Ormelus Darline and Ormelus Nadeige

Ormelus Darline (left)
Grade: 8
Age: 19

Ormelus Nadeige (right)
Grade: 7
Age: 16

Darline and Nadeige (in Haiti your signature reads last name, first name) both attend Institution Mixte Martin Luther; the school that we built and continue to support in the mountain town of Marmalade. They have one other sister and five brothers, and all together their ages range from 16 to 36! Darline and Nadeige live in Belle Vue, and they trek 1 hour and 45 minutes to school every weekday – and that’s just one way.

In the 2016-2017 school year, Nadeige scored an 8.40 out of 9 on the Haiti National Exam, almost a 3-point increase over her results from the prior year! In February of this year, Nadeige received a Help for Haiti Academic Achievement Award and small scholarship for her hard work.

Nadeige’s favorite subject is biology, and we suspect that she will want to become a nurse after graduating school. If she continues to commit herself to her studies, we are prepared to support her through nursing school.

We look forward to checking in on Darline and Nadeige on our next trip to Haiti. Click here to support our efforts to feed and educate students like Darline and Nadeige.

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