The foundational component of our efforts is to feed hungry children in north Haiti. Chronic malnutrition affects nearly one in every four children in all of Haiti under five years old. Without food, children have no capacity to experience physical or mental growth.

However, thanks to our partnership with Feed My Starving Children, a Christian nonprofit organization called to feed God’s starving children hungry in body and spirit, we have been able to break the cycle of malnutrition for 500 students in one urban and one rural school in north Haiti.

Every year, we raise funds to purchase nutrient-dense MannaPack meals through Feed My Starving Children. These meals are based on the Caribbean staple food: rice. They also contain soy, dehydrated vegetables, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the growth of a malnourished child.

The annual cost to package and ship 132,000 MannaPack meals to Haiti is $41,000. This breaks down to 31 cents a meal, or just over $100 to feed a child for an entire year. The cost is satisfied by your generous donations and, thus far, we have sent over 1,000,000 meals to north Haiti.

We have been providing meals in Haiti for years, and for years we’ve watched hundreds of kids devour their lunches and lick their bowls clean. Without food, the chances of these kids making it through school are slim. And without an education, the opportunity for these kids to build a positive future for themselves and others is nonexistent. But with food, their world opens and provides them opportunities for knowledge, growth and promise.

Donate here to feed a hungry child in north Haiti.