Our second mission in north Haiti is to educate children, so that they can prepare for a successful adulthood. Currently, we support initiatives in two schools in north Haiti: Institution Nouvelle Etoile de Bethlehem in Cap Haïtien and Institution Mixte Martin Luther in Marmalade.

Haiti’s enrollment rate for primary school is an encouraging 88 percent. Enrollment in secondary school, however, drops to 20 percent. Additionally, a study by World Bank reveals that only one third of all Haitian children age 14 are in the appropriate grade for their age._dsc0233

When malnourished, children are incapable of learning due to hunger and fatigue. And when children have irregular class attendance, they are unable to pass Haiti’s National Exam and progress to the next grade. We’ve seen this happen, year after year, and we’ve made it our mission to help resolve the dilemma.

We are alleviating the first of these problems with our Feed initiative. The root of the latter problem, however, lies deeply within the troubled economics of Haiti: less than 40 percent of parents can afford to pay full school tuition, roughly $25, for their children to go to school for a full year.

In response to this, we have instituted annual Academic Achievement Awards to encourage and reward families who are serious about their children’s education. Every year, we present achievement certificates and New Testament Bibles to every student who scores higher than a 7.0 of 9.0 on the annual Haiti National Exam, and students with a 7.0 or higher receive a financial scholarship to help pay for the next year’s books, uniform and tuition.

These awards are changing the children’s perception of the importance of education to their future, while also communicating the economic value of education to their parents. Read about our 2016 Awards Ceremony in Institution Mixte Martin Luther to get an idea of the progress we are making.

_dsc0898In addition to improving yearly student retention, we are also working to improve the quality of the students’ education. In 2015 we launched a partnership with One Hen, a self-sustaining enrichment program designed to empower children to become social entrepreneurs by instilling within them four values: financial responsibility, personal initiative, global awareness and giving back. With great help from our donors, we worked with our Haitian counterparts to translate the entire One Hen program into Haitian Creole. In June 2016, we completed a successful pilot project, of the now “Yon Poul” program, in Institution Nouvelle Etoile de Bethlehem. In November 2016, we extended the program to the Institution Mixte Martin Luther, in Marmalade.

The One Hen program is instilling children with skills in sustainable business and social entrepreneurship, driving forward our mission to educate youth so that they are prepared for employment after graduation. Read about our latest One Hen updates in our blog.

Donate here to support the needs of the One Hen program, or to provide an Award recipient with a scholarship to pay for their next year of tuition.