Our second mission in north Haiti is to educate children, so that they can prepare for a successful adulthood. Haiti’s enrollment rate for primary school is an encouraging 88 percent. Enrollment in secondary school, however, drops to 20 percent. Additionally, a study by World Bank reveals that only one third of all Haitian children age 14 are in the appropriate grade for their age.

We support initiatives in two schools in north Haiti: Institution Nouvelle Etoile de Bethlehem in Cap Haïtien and Institution Mixte Martin Luther in Marmalade. Firstly, we are alleviating the issue of hunger and malnourishment with our Feed initiative: every student at these schools receives a hot lunch, every day. Secondly, we are addressing Haiti’s economic reality – that less than 40 percent of parents can afford to pay the average $25 yearly school tuition – head on. 

In Marmalade, we have instituted annual Academic Achievement Awards to encourage and reward families who are serious about their children’s education. Every year, we present achievement certificates, financial scholarships and New Testament Bibles to every student who scores higher than a 7.0 of 9.0 on the annual Haiti National Exam. These awards are changing the children’s perception of the importance of education in their future, while also communicating the economic value of education to their parents. 

Further, in 2020 we launched our “Help for Haiti Partners” program to ensure that no child in either of our two schools will be turned away from their education due to lack of funds. For just $10 a month, you can guarantee the continuation of a child’s education. You can read more and join this effort here

_dsc0233In addition to improving yearly student retention, we are also working to improve the quality of the students’ education. In 2016, in partnership with Celebration Community Beach Church, we completed a five-year project to rebuild the Institution Mixte Martin Luther in Marmalade. The school, which had effectively been a tent with a tin roof, is now a fortified, concrete structure with a kitchen, storage room and protective retaining wall. The new space has enabled the school to double its student population to 250 children from Kindergarten to Grade 13! 

In 2020, we completed another multi-year project: the development and construction of the New Star of Bethlehem School and Fulton Center for Entrepreneurs in Cap Haitien. The School replaces the Institution Nouvelle Etoile de Bethlehem; an open floor structure that held 115 students and 8 teachers. These students and staff now have the opportunity to teach and learn in a brand new, 10-classroom building with a full kitchen, access to clean water, toilet facilities and a soccer field among other amenities. Over time, the school will grow to 300 students. 

When school is not in session, the building serves as the Fulton Center for
Entrepreneurs, housing programs that provide
a basic business education _dsc0898for children and adults. Among the programs is our ongoing One Hen for Kids program, a self-sustaining enrichment program designed to empower children to become social entrepreneurs by instilling within them four values: financial responsibility, personal initiative, global awareness and giving back. The One Hen program is equipping children with skills in sustainable business and social entrepreneurship, driving forward our mission to educate youth so that they are prepared for employment after graduation. Further, in 2019 we launched a One Hen for Adults program, which incorporates the values of the kids’ program while providing a foundational business education to help adults research, develop and launch their own small businesses.

Donate here to support the needs of the New Star of Bethlehem School or to become a dedicated Help for Haiti Partner.