Hope Seeds Brings Prospects of Self-Sustaining School System

Hello Friends, IMG_1922

We are thankful that we are able to bring you such good news from Jim’s last trip to Haiti. As you know, our Academic Achievement Awards ceremony and celebration was a great success, and we are continuing to strengthen the bond between the Marmelade church-school and its surrounding community, supporting our goal of creating a self-sustaining school system. This effort is a crucial part of our mission to create sustainable economic growth in Haiti: giving kids the foundation needed to become educated, employable members of the community.

One of our community-building initiatives is made possible through Hope Seeds, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides quality garden seeds to missionaries for distribution in extremely malnourished parts of the world. IMG_1908

Help for Haiti partnered with Hope Seeds, as well as Missionary Flights International, a transport service that delivers supplies to missionaries in the Caribbean, to ship five varieties of seeds to Cap Haitien for Jim to pick up and distribute. These included Copenhagen Cabbage, Crimson Sweet Watermelon, Chantenay Carrot, Detroit Dark Red Beet, and Purple Top Turnip seeds: all highly marketable vegetables in Haiti.

The Help for Haiti team distributed the seeds at the awards ceremony. We spoke with the parents of the students and explained that they were to choose six different packs of seeds. We told them to grow and harvest the vegetables, to sell 10 percent of the vegetables in the market, and to donate that money back to the school.

The pastor and parents at the church-school are all excited about this opportunity, and we are thrilled to see strength and confidence arise within the community!

On behalf of Hope Seeds, Inc., Missionary Flights International and the Marmelade school, we thank you for your support in Haiti.

God Bless,

The Help for Haiti Team


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