Will You Take the Challenge to Ride for Hunger?

As winter completely overtakes New England, we can’t help but look ahead to March and the Pan-Florida Challenge. We are thrilled to exchange the icy cold for two full days of cycling in sunny Florida, as we continue our efforts to raise money to provide meals for hungry children in Haiti. As the excitement around the third annual ride quickly

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The People of Haiti are Speaking Up; Are You Listening?

So often, we (that is, American citizens) get caught up in the messages of mainstream media that position Haiti as a helpless, hopeless country desolated by natural disasters and extreme poverty. It is portrayed as a country completely dependent on benevolent, foreign organizations, whose future is solely determined by the amount of externally sourced relief it is given day-to-day, year-to-year. This

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Our First Five Years: Celebrating What God Has Done

Feed. Educate. Employ. It has been five whole years, and these three words have stood the test of time through every moment of Help for Haiti’s journey. These words hold within them hundreds of stories of trials and triumphs, representing all that we have accomplished and all that we hope to achieve in the coming years. They consistently drive our

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