Become a Partner

Since 2010, we have relied on the generous support of donors and volunteers to feed, educate and employ 500 children in North Haiti. In 2019, we expanded our model to include entrepreneurship and business training for adults, however, our core mission remains the same. We must continue to invest in the next generation; in Haiti’s future. That said, please consider joining us as a “Help for Haiti Partner,” an initiative we have launched to ensure the long-term success of our core mission. Here are just a few ways that you can make a difference as a Help for Haiti Partner:

1.      Partners pray for Haiti, for our Christian schools, for our staff in Haiti and most importantly for our 500 kids. 

2.      Partners keep our kids in school. Parents often cannot support all of their children in school. Drop-out rates are very high, but our Partners provide tuition assistance to keep our kids in school. 

3.      Partners help us provide a hot meal to every child, every school day. 

4.      Partners help us provide financial support to 18 teachers. Most teachers in Haiti make less than $100 per month, but our Partners are helping to provide higher salaries for our teachers. 

5.      Partners help us provide a digital curriculum and internet access to the kids and teachers in our two schools. 

6.      Partners help us provide after-school programs for our kids. We offer One Hen Entrepreneur training, literacy programs and soccer. 

7.      Partners help us provide books and school supplies for all of our classrooms. 

8.      Partners help us provide transportation assistance to kids who have no access to public transportation.

9.      Partners help us provide simple health tests like eye exams for our kids. 

10.   Most importantly, Partners share our vision of raising up 500 kids to become self-sufficient adults who understand the Biblical principle of giving back to their families, friends and community. 

If we secure 500 partners who donate just $10 a month, we will be able to cover tuition and supplies for every single child that we currently support! To join us in this mission, click “Give Now” on our pre-populated donor form, below.