A New School Year … Kindergarten to College Freshman


Rose Marlene is off to college!


Young student at Restoration School with new backpack

As Restoration School in Marmalade prepares to open for the new school year, a fresh group of four to five year olds will prepare for their first day of school.  Like here in the US, it’s an exciting day for both Mom and child.  Teachers are ready to go. One hundred boxes of food from the New Hampshire Mobile Food Pack this past June is being stored at the school for the 200 kids that we expect to start classes next week. We are working to improve the quality of the education by making our classes smaller and we hope to introduce a computer lab to the school. For the first time, we are requiring parents to pay a small fee to have their kids attend. It has been a hard decision to make, but if the school is to become self-sustainable in the future it must have some income from the families who send kids. A self-sustained school in five years is an optimist’s dream for Restoration School.

In a different part of Haiti, some 200 miles from Marmalade, another student starts her first semester as a college freshman. Rose Marlene Suprevil will begin getting her education to some day become a doctor. Rose Marlene is 20 years old and an orphan, but it has not limited her desire to do well in school. In fact she has excelled in high school and after a summer of prep classes, she took the exam to get into Universite Quisqueya (UniQ) in Port au Prince, Haiti. She passed and has been accepted for admission and so begins her journey to becoming a successful Haitian citizen. It has not been, nor will it be, easy. Rose Marlene was orphaned at ten years old, and in Haiti, where for a 10-year-old girl there was no chance for adoption. Money from local welfare or government services just doesn’t exist. And yet, here she is 20 years old and headed for college. A lot of the credit goes to Roseline DeHart, herself adopted by Don Dehart who was a missionary in Haiti. Roseline helps run Bon Secour Orphanage in Cap Haitien and as a facility it is not much.  It’s just concrete block rooms with no running water or indoor plumbing, but the kids, mostly girls, are safe there, fed and all go to school. Roseline is their surrogate mom and Presume, her husband, is their dad. The girls are a strong sisterhood of teenagers with pretty low prospects for the future. By any standard I can think of, they are fighting long odds for advanced education, employment, marriage and a home and family of their own.

So… We are going to help Rose Marlene beat those odds! And, with your help we can help the kids in Marmalade do the same thing. Help for Haiti decided to help Rose Marlene because her success can inspire other kids to work harder to be like her. College or trade school changes everything for these kids. Without that hand up, their prospects are pretty dim. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to give all of them a hand up into a new life where they have an opportunity to build a new life? It is not that hard to do, you know. We can do it together.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.





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