We feed and educate children
while we build businesses
to employ their futures.


Without nourishment, children have no capacity to grow, physically or mentally. Our commitment to feed malnourished school children is the cornerstone of our mission in Haiti. We partner with Feed My Starving Children at our annual Seacoast Mobile Foodpack to package and ship rice-based, nutrient dense meals to 480 hungry children in Haiti.

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Education is the bridge between a young, illiterate child and a mature, employable adult. Still, one third of all Haitian children age 14 are in the inappropriate grade for their age. We encourage grade school retention through our annual Academic Achievement Awards. We’ve also developed a curriculum in collaboration with One Hen, Inc., which equips schoolchildren with the social entrepreneurial skills they need to build sustainable businesses and futures.

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Employment in Haiti after school is never guaranteed, and many graduates fall into the same cycle of joblessness as the generations before them. Our One Hen program encourages students to think about business and job creation while still in school. We also subsidize the salaries of our local teachers, and work within the adult community to build sustainable businesses now that may employ children in the future.

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Our promise is that our commitment to Haiti will be matched with a set of strong business controls to assure that the money we spend and invest ends up accomplishing our intended goals to feed, educate, employ.